The standard model for players of all ability levels

Features Super Articulation Voices for recreating the natural sounds of acoustic instruments, as well as a rich selection of rhythms to suit a wide variety of musical settings.

The standard model for players of all ability levels

Play music from around the world

Play musical instruments from around the world with richly emotional expression. The Electone is the result of Yamaha's continued pursuit of the sound at the core of that energy.

The STAGEA line is equipped with tone generators with different characters, allowing players to combine sounds to create any sound they could possibly want to play.

Weaving together the rhythms of the world

The huge range of genres the Electone is able to play means that it is full of rhythms from around the world. The presets reflect ethnic music and the modern music scene, and there is an optimal automatic accompaniment for every rhythm. The ELS-02 has a perfect rhythm for every song you want to play.


Recreate a wide variety of musical styles.


Only Yamaha could create a keyboard this sensitive to the player.

A wide range of feature for full body control.


Optimized for player movement, with playability the goal.


Accurate sound, delivered to both player and audience.


Offers all of the basic performance of the STAGEA.

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.