Yamaha Grade Examination System


Information on syllabuses from (June, 2023) onwards.

Grades 13-6 and the Yamaha textbooks are closely related. The details are found in the each syllabus.


Student Grade

The Yamaha Grade Examination System was started in 1967 for the purpose of enabling everyone who is learning music to improve their musical skills in a well-planned manner while verifying their overall ability.

Yamaha Grade Examinations help teachers and music learners to confirm their musical abilities and encourage them to acquire all-around musical abilities so that they can enjoy creating and performing music.

The Grade Examination System broadly targets two groups: students and teachers. Student Grades are used as an objective assessment of the progress being made in learning music, while the teacher Grades certify the performance ability as well as overall musical knowledge needed to provide music instruction.

The Yamaha Grade Examination System offers Performance Grades for Piano, Electone, Classical Guitar, Violin, Drums, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Flute, Saxophone, Pop Piano/Keyboard, Vocal and Fundamentals Grade.

They are classified into 3 categories: Student Grades (13 - 6), Teacher Grades (5 - 3) and Performer Grades (2, 1)

We also provide Fundamental Skills Survey for Junior Music Course students. The system is designed to examine performance abilities and general music knowledge, both of which are necessary for enjoying music, teaching music fundamentals and playing professionally.

More than 10 million people have taken these proficiency examinations over the past 50 years, and this system is widely accepted as the standard for assessing musical abilities.

The Yamaha Grade Examination System is also used in more than 30 countries/regions at present.