Corporate Music Programme

Are you agonizing over the need to enhance employee well-being, work-life balance, and foster a cohesive team? If you are looking for a corporate bonding activity that everyone can enjoy, look no further. Our corporate music programme can do just that for you.

When we think of team-building activities, we tend to think of workshops with problem-solving challenges, pep talks, obstacle races, and the likes. Contrary to the racing heartbeat and adrenalin rush brought on by those activities, our corporate music programme allows your team to bond in a fun manner without breaking a sweat!

We know that having fun together always makes for a more closely knit team that can work better together to achieve corporate objectives. Music lessons are a great way to connect people because everyone loves music. And music is known to enhance well-being.

Learning to play music in a group can be fun as you laugh together over your mistakes and accept that no one is perfect. That’s why jamming together is a great way to bond! When you play in an ensemble, you complement each other with every sound you make. That’s teamwork. Unlike most team-building activities that make teams compete with each other, our corporate music programme connects people as they engage in an inclusive activity that everyone likes.

Don’t worry about having zero music background. With our stress-free, tried-and-tested music programmes and professional instructors, we’ll have your team playing in tune with each other in no time!

Be it a short-term ukulele course for your music-loving colleagues or a crash course to prepare an item for your Dinner & Dance, we can customize our program to suit your needs. So give us a call and tell us how we can help you design a program.