VKE Series

Enclosures that combine durability and beauty

Yamaha VKE Series: Enclosures that combine durability and beauty

The front surface of the durable 15-mm thick plywood cabinet features a jewel-cut grille with a subtle beauty. The logo mounted on the grille can also be rotated with a single touch to suit the orientation with which the speaker is installed.

Sound quality suitable for professional use

Yamaha VKE Series: Sound quality suitable for professional use

The meticulously designed, carefully selected and customized transducers with high sensitivity and high output delivers a maximum sound pressure level of 129 dB (*).

* VKE2015 = 129 dB / VKE2012 = 127 dB / VKE2010 = 126 dB (peak @ 1 m)

Rigging points that enable flexible installation

VKE speakers feature rigging points that allow them to be hung vertically or horizontally.

*Use general-purpose fittings that are compatible with 100mm screw hole spacing.

They are also equipped with a handle on the back and a 35-mm pole socket on the bottom, making them suitable for temporary use.

  • Yamaha VKE Series: Vertical


  • Yamaha VKE Series: Horizontal


  • Yamaha VKE Series: Rotatable logo

Rotatable logo

Coverage angle ideal for installed applications

The high-frequency driver is equipped with a 100 degree vertical and 70 degree horizontal constant directivity horn. It provides the coverage angle optimized for horizontal suspension in installed applications.

  • Yamaha VKE Series: Vertical Coverage Angle

Vertical Coverage Angle

  • Yamaha VKE Series: Horizontal Coverage Angle

Horizontal Coverage Angle