800W Series Handmade Flutes

Lip Plate

The lip plate and headjoint body are sculpted out of a single piece of fine African grenadilla for a pure, natural resonance. The surface of the lip plate is extremely comfortable and provides secure control.

Silver Tenon

A siver tenon fits the headjoint into the body, just as with a silver flute. This adds focus to the sound. It also helps to considerably reduce the weight of the flute.


A similar silver tenon inside the footjoint connector reduces weight and prevents cracking. It also adds tonal body for improved projection. An optimal level of resonance provides a wide dynamic range with the volume and presence needed for performing in professional orchestras.


The tone holes are precision-crafted of inset grenadilla which allows wider sized holes like those of metal flutes. This is another factor contributing to the flute's accurate intonation and tonal clarity.