YFH-8315G Flugelhorns

New valve casing

YFH-8315G New valve casing

The valve casing is the critical heart of any flugelhorn, and in the YFH-8315G everything from basic materials to the braces that connect the independent valve casings has been painstakingly analyzed and refined to provide improved breath efficiency and ideal playing resistance.

Phosphor bronze leadpipe screw

YFH-8315G Phosphor bronze leadpipe screw

A new barrel-shaped screw design is not only easier to operate when tuning, but also features increased weight for improved stability in all registers as well as ideal playing feel. The use of phosphor bronze results in enhanced presence, a brilliant high register, and rich midrange.


YFH-8315G Leadpipe

The longer Malone Pipe™ is a revolutionary new design that features a tapered section between the leadpipe and valve casing for improved high-register stability, playability, and pitch accuracy. In keeping with its “new flugelhorn style” concept, the YFH-8315G delivers an excellent blend of rich tonality and solid playing feel.

3rd trigger

YFH-8315G 3rd trigger

A 3rd trigger designed specifically for the Custom Flugelhorn models is ergonomically engineered for smooth, easy operation regardless of the player’s hand size.


YFH-8315G Case