YVN200G/YVN200S Violin

The YVN200G features a design based upon the legendary instruments of Guarneri del Gesu. This is a violin capable of great emotional expression, and it is characterized by full, rich tone with a clearly defined low and mid range, and a high range that is sweet and melodious. The YVN200S has been created from the study and analysis of violins crafted by the master, Stradivari. It produces a brilliant, noble tone that is highly responsive to the player's expression and it is exceptionally sensitive to the slightest changes in bowing. Crafted by the most experienced artisans the 200 Series violins are examples of the finest craftsmanship that Yamaha has to offer.


Type: Guarneri del Gesu


Type: Stradivarius

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.