YVN100G/YVN100S Violin

The YVN100G was created using the same specifications as the YVN200G and it is also based upon the violins of Guarneri del Gesu. It offers warm full-bodied tone rich in harmonics, yet with enough definition to sound clear and alive in all registers. The YVN100S features a design based on that of Stradivari, and it shares the specifications of the YVN200S. The tone is lively and brilliant, but tempered with enough warmth to sound full and expressive. And the quick and sensitive response enables players to express their most subtle musical nuances. The 100 Series are crafted by the same experienced artisans who produce the 200 Series, and deliver exceptional quality at a surprisingly affordable price.


Type: Guarneri del Gesu


Type: Stradivarius

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.