MS-9300 Series Snare Drums Discontinued

Maple Shells

Maple, performance proven through the DCI championships, has been chosen for the shells. Original Yamaha high-pressure air bag shell forming technology* creates maple shells that exhibit sharp attack and wide dynamic range for complex, expressive sound.

* The high-pressure air bag shell forming process is an original Yamaha technology that employs evenly distributed air pressure to produce shells that are perfectly round with even thickness throughout. The result is superior tone with excellent attack and projection as well as high durability.

Aluminum Insert Ring

An aluminum ring on the inner surface of the shell supports high-tension tuning of the snare head.

Chrome Plated Hardware (14" model only)

In addition to the normally finished models, a new chrome plated model has been added to the lineup, adding another elegant visual choice for discerning players.

Yamaha Remo White Max Head

A Yamaha Remo White Max top head is supplied as standard, providing a sound that is dry while being solid and powerful.

New Badge Design

A sophisticated badge design adds a touch of class to the new series.