QD/QT/ST-8300 Series Toms

Wrap Finish

Enhanced durability is achieved by using a PVC wrap for shell coloring. The wrap also subdues superfluous overtones, resulting in a clean, soft tone.


  • * The picture shows MS-9314WH.
  • * Interior shell surfaces feature a natural finish.

Lacquer Finish

Since no PVC wrap is applied, the shell can vibrate freely for a bright, clear tone.

Black Forest(BF)

Blue Forest(BU)

Red Forest(RF)

Red Gloss(RG)

Red Sparkle(RDS)

Habanero Sparkle(HSK)

Yellow Sparkle Fade(YSF)

Gold Sparkle Fade(GSF)

Natural Gloss(NAG)


Amber Fade(AMF)

Purple Sparkle Fade Invert(PSI)

Purple Sparkle(PRS)

Sea Blue Fade Invert(SBI)

Blue Sparkle(BUP)

Blue Sparkle Fade(BUF)

Blue Sparkle Fade Invert (BUI)

Green Sparkle(GSK)

Lime Green Sparkle(LGS)

Silver Sparkle(SLS)

Solid Black(SOB)

Cherry Black Fade Invert(CBI)

Black Pearl Fadet(BPF)

Black Pearl Fade Invert(BPI)

Black Sparkle(BLP)

Black Sparkle Fade(BSF)

Black Sparkle Fade Invert(BSI)

  • * Click a color icon to change views.
  • * The picture shows MS-9314CH.
  • * Interior shell surfaces are finished in black, except for NAG (Natural Gloss) models which have a natural interior finish.