Hexrack II

The Evolution of the HEXRACK From Generation I to Generation II

HXTCII Tom Clamp

This clamp attaches a tom clamp (CL945B, etc.) or cymbal holder (CH755, etc.) to the hex-shaped pipe and is compatible with 22.2mm diameter pipes.Its vertical angle is freely adjustable.


The HXREXII creates a three-leg rack when combined with the HXR2LII.


The basic HEXRACKII set consists of two legs and is fully compatible with Yamaha System Hardware.Compared to a typical hardware setup, the HEXRACKII uses less space and reduces floor clutter produced by stand legs, etc., around the kit. The system’s pipes and racks are made from aluminum, which makes the system lighter, transport and setup easier. And with a wide variety of optional clamps available, the rack system offers great expandability.

HXOCII Open Clamp

The open clamp is used to attach tubes having different thickness (diameter 15-34mm, including hexagonal tubes) to the hexagonal tube. Although fine angle adjustment is possible with the gear joint, more stable setting can be achieved by limiting the movement only to the vertical direction.

HXLCII Logo Clip

The Logo clip, with an integrated level, is a convenient way to set an accurate level for your cross-tube.

HXCP24II Curved Pipe

24-inch long x 34mm diameter hexagonal pipe made from aluminum.Using a complex cross section design combined with the aluminum alloy creates pipes that are significantly lighter in weight while providing greatly improved strength—as much as double that of conventional round pipe.

HXCCII Cross Clamp

The cross clamp is used to connect two hexagonal tubes at 90-degree angles (for example, to connect a leg tube with a tube that has been horizontally set).

HXACII Arm Clamp

Several clamps for securing tubes of different thickness (φ”15 –φ”34, including hexagonal tubes) are connected to the extended arm. These clamps can be used to secure tubes positioned far from each other. Each clamp has a gear joint, enabling fine angle adjustment.

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.