MusicCast VINYL 500 (TT-N503)

An important update is available for your turntable. To install new firmware, put the turntable in Standby mode, then simultaneously press PLAY/STOP and STANDBY/ON (power) on the unit. In the future, firmware updates can be initiated directly from MusicCast CONTROLLER app.

Please see Owner's Manual for more details on how to update.

Name English English
MusicCast VINYL 500 (TT-N503) Owner's Manual [8.2MB]
Supplement for DEEZER flyer [849KB]
Supplement for Spotify flyer [654KB]
Supplement for TIDAL_flyer [656KB]
TT-S303/MusicCast VINYL 500 (TT-N503) Precautions for the dust cover [75KB]
TT-S303/MusicCast VINYL 500 (TT-N503) Supplement [277KB]
TT-S303/MusicCast VINYL 500 (TT-N503) Supplement 2 [236KB]