Yamaha Piano Course (For aged 5.5 and above)

A popular instrument for many, learning to play the piano requires a lot of dedication and commitment. With this in mind, Yamaha Music School has structured its lessons in a standardised way that makes music not only easier to learn, but more enjoyable as well.

Whether it is to realise the dream of playing the piano or simply to hone one's playing skills in order to take it to the next level, this course is scaled to meet those needs.

A Strong Foundation

As a student in the Yamaha Piano Course, you will be learning from our exclusive Pianoforte curriculum, developed by the Yamaha Music Foundation, Japan. Our proven syllabus will facilitate learning of piano essentials like arpeggios and scales, to more unique subjects like keyboard harmony, duets and improvisation.

Performance Opportunities

To showcase the skills achieved, we encourage our students to participate in concerts and competitions that we organise. By conquering the stage, they become more self-confident and willing to share their love of music with family, friends and the public.

The Right Preparation

With the training and guidance our instructors provide, your child may want to take a recognised international piano grade examination, and our instructors will make sure that they go into the examination confident and, most importantly, prepared.

Course Content

  • Repertoire
  • Scales & Arpeggios
  • Sight Reading
  • Aural Training
  • Theory of music
  • Solfege, Finger Exercises, & Etudes
  • Improvisation & Keyboard Harmony

Lesson details

Target 5.5-year-old or older
Form of lesson Individual
Duration of course 8 years ( from level 1-12 )
Number of lessons 11 lessons per term
Lesson duration 45 minutes for Levels 1-9,
1 hour for Levels 10-12.
Fees Starting from $189.00/month
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