Yamaha Piano Course (For 5.5-year-olds and up)

“I can play!” – Let’s begin by finding the joy of playing music. Your Children will learn music skills steadily at a gradual and easy progression.

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“Pianoforte” is designed to help school-age children who play the piano for the first time, feel the joy of music and acquire the ability to express their thoughts and feelings through playing the piano. We offer a selection of 12 textbooks at the student's level and rich-sounding audio files.

The textbooks are compiled with the following aims:

1. To acquire comprehensive musical skills step by step, page by page

2. To correspond to the contents of Yamaha grade examinations and other grade examinations. The audio files include recordings of piano performances, which can be used as a model performance for reference

Especially at the beginner level, students can enjoy playing repertoire pieces with accompaniment. The repertoire pieces included in the textbook are not only solos but also duets with the teacher and pieces played with the teacher's accompaniment. Also students can enjoy playing ensembles with the teacher in the lessons.

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Solo Repertoire Sample 01

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Solo Repertoire Sample 02

Solo Repertoire Sample 01

Solo Repertoire Sample 02

・ Etude

・ Scale & Cadence

・ Solfege Keyboard Harmony

・ Solo Repertoire

・ Duet Repertoire

・ Sight Reading

・ Theory

Age Range to Start

・ 5.5 Years Old & Above

Course Duration

・ 12 Years

Lesson Type

・ Individual

No. of Lessons

・ 11 Lessons Per Term (3 Months)

Course Materials

・ Pianoforte Books 1-12

・ ABRSM Exam Books 1-8


Yamaha Piano Course
ABRSM Grade Lesson Duration Level Duration* Monthly Course Fee Remarks
1 45 mins 2 Years $210 $12 off per month for weekday classes
2 45 mins 1 Year $226
3 45 mins 1 Year $236
4 45 mins 1 Year $246
5 1 hour 1 Year $292
6 1 hour 1 Year $302
7 1 hour 1 Year $312
8 1 hour 1 Year $340
Diploma 1 hour 1 Year $350
LRSM 1 hour 1 Year $380
Fellowship 1 hour 1 Year $420

* All fees are inclusive of 9% GST.

* Non-refundable registration fee of $50 (including GST)

* Fee payment upon registration is via Cash, Cheque or NETS, subsequent course fees is to be paid by GIRO.

* For non-GIRO students, a refundable deposit of $150.00 is required.

* All fees are subjected to changes.

* Level Duration stated is an estimation.


・ Go to course schedule page for information.

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