Google Assistant

Control MusicCast with your voice via your Google Nest Audio devices.

This includes action commands for hands-free convenience of playing tunes, adjusting volume and more.

*Availability varies by region.

Currently available languages are English and French.

Support language must be selected within Google Assistant settings of your account.



Power on/off

"Hey Google, turn on the Kitchen." "Hey Google, turn off all."

Volume up/down

"Hey Google, turn up the volume in the Kitchen." "Hey Google, turn down volume by 20 in the Kitchen."

Volume settings

"Hey Google, set the volume to 50% in the Kitchen."


"Hey Google, play in the Kitchen."


"Hey Google, play next song in the Kitchen."


"Hey Google, mute the Kitchen."

Input selection

"Hey Google, switch the kitchen to Spotify."

* This list of examples was tested and confirmed to be working as of December of 2020.