Misleading Advertisements by Unaffiliated Music Center in Singapore

We wish to bring to your attention that a music enrichment center in Singapore has been periodically posting Google-sponsored advertisements that misleadingly reference our brand name. These ads appear when terms like "Yamaha Music Course" are searched, creating the false impression that our educational methods are available at their facility or are of lesser value.

Please be informed that Yamaha Music School neither conducts music lessons at this center nor licenses our programs to them. We have never established any partnership with this company.

We first identified this misleading advertising in 2022 and have repeatedly requested that they cease this practice. Unfortunately, our demands have been unjustly declined, much to our disappointment.

Below are recent screenshots from a Google search conducted in May 2024. The name of the company has been intentionally obscured.

For a list of locations directly managed by Yamaha Music or officially licensed by us, please visit: