Conversation with Mr Chia – Proud Parent of Chia Yoke Yun, Junior 2 Section Grand Prize Winner of Electone Festival 2019

Congratulations to Chia Yoke Yun – Grand Prize Winner of Junior Section 2 in Electone Festival 2019.

We spoke to Yoke Yun and her parents Mr. and Mrs. Chia after the event, and here’s the conversation we had:


Yoke Yun, besides the Electone, do you play any other music instruments?


Yes, I also play the piano as a secondary instrument.


Why was the Electone selected as your major instrument?


I prefer the Electone because I am very attracted to the wide variety of sounds available. Arranging different instrument sounds to create various genres of music gives me a wonderful satisfaction. The electone allows me to create the music I like and I have a deeper understanding of the unique colour and timbre of many music instruments.


Mr. Chia. which Yamaha courses did Yoke Yun attend, and what is your opinion of the Yamaha Music Education System?


Yoke Yun started off with Music Wonderland when she was 3, progressed to Yamaha Junior Course, then Junior Electone Course, and is now doing Higher Electone Course, as well as Advanced Ensemble Course. Yamaha has been established in Singapore for more than 50 years and is a trusted brand name that is synonymous with high quality music education. Yamaha music courses provide excellent grounding on fundamentals that supports a wide variety of instrument specialisations depending on the child's interest. As for Yoke Yun, the Electone course provides her with the right platform to hone her performance, arrangement and improvisation skills. As parents we are very glad, and indeed very fortunate, that Yoke Yun was able to discover her passion at an early age.