Yamaha Drums Trade-in Program

Trade-in Value

Purchase of DTX562/582/700(all)/900(all) series: $200

Purchase of Stage Custom/Tour Custom/Junior Kit: $200

Eligible Trade-in Models

All of the criteria for Digital/Acoustic Drum listed below that was purchased in Singapore, of any brands and color variations:

For Acoustic Drums, it has to be standard kit which consists of 1 x Snare Drum, 1 x Bass Drum, 2 x Toms and 1 x Floor Tom. Cymbals are not required.

For Electronic Drum, it has to be standard kit which consists 1 x Ride Pad, 1 x Crash Pad, 3 x Tom Pads, 1 x Hi-hat Pad and 1 x Electronic Module.

Terms & Conditions

  • This scheme is only applicable to the DTX/Acoustic drum set mentioned above of any color variations that is purchased during the period of 8 Feb 2018 – 8 Mar 2018.
  • Any sets collected under the trade-in scheme are not refundable for any reasons.
  • The number of trade-in set accepted is strictly limited to 1 unit per purchase of specified models above.
  • Drum Special Trade in withdrawal note is required to be filled up.
  • All details are subject to change without prior notice.

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