Conversation With Mrs Yee – Proud Parent of Yee Hong Shyan, Junior 1 Section Winner of Electone Festival 2018

Seven-year-old Yee Hong Shyan is the Grand Prize Winner for Junior 1 Section at Electone Festival Finals 2018. His musical achievements so far include the Yamaha Electone Grade 9 and Trinity Violin Grade 4; and he is currently working on ABRSM Piano Grade 5.

Hong Shyan does piano, electone and violin. How does he manage his practices at home?
Hong Shyan is learning the electone, piano and violin, so music lessons and music practice can take up quite a lot of his day. He loves music, so practicing isn't too much of a chore. He tries to have a daily practice routine, where he works on 2 instruments each day. However, being a typical 7-year old, he isn't always able to keep to this routine, so sometimes he has to "crash practice" just before a class/event as well!
What does Hong Shyan like about the electone?
Hong Shyan loves playing on the electone. He especially likes to experiment with different sounds and rhythms for his songs. The electone is very versatile and Hong Shyan enjoys the many musical styles he is able to express.
Please share with us your opinion about the Yamaha music education system?
Hong Shyan started with Yamaha's Music Wonderland program when he was 3 years old, progressed to Yamaha Junior Course and is now attending the Junior Special Advanced Course program. I think the Yamaha music education system is very holistic and helps children appreciate and love music. Beyond technical instrument playing skills, it also trains children on hearing, singing, creating and playing in a group. The classes are fun and the teachers are great. Hong Shyan enjoys the diverse musical genres (beyond classical music) taught in the programs and he has a lot of fun creating and playing music with his classmates.