Friends of Yamaha

Yamaha Music School has been in Singapore since the 1960s. Through the decades, our dedicated team of instructors strived to nurture the musicality of our students and instill the joy of creating and sharing music so that they develop a lifelong love for music. Some of our students and even parents are here to share with us their experience of the Yamaha Music Education System (YMES).

Ms. Lim Li Koon, mother of 8-year-old Cheng Gin Yee who is in the 4th year of Yamaha Junior Course, affirms that Yamaha group courses do indeed sustain interest of young students.

Sharon Tay Hui Xin, 11 years old, is a student in her 2nd year of Advanced Ensemble Course. Her mother, Ms. Alison Heu, says she has gone beyond textbooks in her learning process.

In the picture are 12-year-old Alysa Koh Jing Xuan who attends Advanced Ensemble Course and her sister, 9-year-old Maegan Koh Yi Xuan who is enrolled in Junior Ensemble Course. Both are from Yamaha Kallang branch. Ms. Ow Wai Lin comments on her daughters’ learning experience.

12 year-old twins Ng Le Yang and Ng Le Xin have been in the Yamaha Music Education System since they were 4 years old. They began their musical journey at Yamaha Junior Course, progressed to Junior Ensemble Course, and thereafter, Advanced Ensemble Course. They are currently enrolled in the 3rd year of Advanced Ensemble Course at Yamaha Kallang Branch. Just what do they like about Yamaha group courses? Here’s what the twins and their parents say.

7-year-old Jovin Cheong is a Yamaha Junior Course student in her 4th year, at Yamaha Plaza Singapura branch. Mother of Jovin, Ms. Lee Bee Shien shares with us what she likes about the Yamaha Education System Courses and its benefits.

9-year-old Shannon Lee Karim attends Junior Ensemble Course at Yamaha Plaza Singapura branch. Her mother, Jessica Lee, tells us that Shannon has made significant progress through YMES.

11-year-old Larissa Chan Mei Huen is currently enrolled in Advanced Ensemble Course (2nd year), at Yamaha Plaza Singapura branch. Her mother, Alysia Ling, has this to say about YMES and its courses.

9-year-old Charlotte Lim Xin Yi is a 2nd year student of Junior Ensemble Course, at Yamaha Plaza Singapura branch. Her mother, Ms. Chan Wai Ling, tells us about the benefits of Yamaha’s group lessons.