APJOC 2016 - A Wish Come True For Megan Han

It was a wish come true to be selected to perform at the Asia Pacific Junior Original Concert (APJOC) 2016 in Jakarta.

My composition ‘Vision’, embodies the image of different band instruments interplaying with one another harmoniously. I see a similarity in APJOC, because this unique Yamaha event brings together participants from the various Asia Pacific regions, and with their unique culture, upbringing environment and interpretation of music, we are all united in one concert, performing our own compositions. I was very excited to be part of the APJOC.

Throughout the trip, the host country took good care of all participants. Despite having a hectic schedule of press conference, practices, stage rehearsals and sound checks, the atmosphere was rather relaxing and definitely supportive.  What I found most endearing was that the participants were friendly and spontaneous.  In fact, all the participants joined in and played games together before the concert to calm our nerves so that we could perform to the best of our abilities.

Despite the tense political situation in Jakarta at that point in time, I had a tremendously enjoyable time.  I realized that it is the people who make a trip unforgettable and the concert a success.  Many thanks to Mr. Rido, Mr. Tan, Ms. Harliah and Ms. Wulan for making this event special for me.  This beautiful memory will be etched in my mind always.