Pèlerinage à l'île de Cythère

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Song Title Pèlerinage à l'île de Cythère
Composer Masahiro Sakata 坂田雅弘
Length Approx 5:00 mins
Grade 3+
Price S$430 (incl. GST) for 12 months

* Price is subject to change without prior notice.

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According to Greek mythology Cythere Island, located in the southeast of Peloponnese peninsula of Greece pointing to the Kythira Island, is known as the birth place of Goddess Venus. This island is also the inspirational stage of love and happiness for many of famous literary work and music compositions. Poetry such as “Les Contemplations” by Hugo and “Flowers of Evil” by Baudelaire, Piano productions such as “The Carillon at Cythere” by Couperin, “Island of Joy” by Debussy, and “The Embarkation of Cythere” by Poulenc.

This tile was taken from a painting of the same name by Antoine Watteau. However this brass band composition does not reflect or give you the realism of Watteau’s painting itself. This composition is trying to express the emotions of expectations and happiness towards the future that I have felt from the title. Please play this song ostentatiously with lots of emotions, so that the people who are playing and listening will feel that bright, positive energy.

It should be noted that this was played for the first time in July 2007, under the direction of Mr. Shintaro Fukumoto by Ensemble Liberte Wind Orchestra, Kawaguchi-Shi. It was also played at the Banquet XV in 2012.