A Season in the Bloom of Cherry Blossoms

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Song Title A Season in the Bloom of Cherry Blossoms
Composer Toshio Mashima 真島俊夫
Length Approx 7:00 mins
Grade 3+
Price S$440 (incl. GST) for 12 months

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This score is commissioned by Sakura City Music Hall. Sakura City is known for its nature and beautiful sakura in spring, so this song is based on sakura. When you think about events like school entrance ceremony and the beginning of a new school term, it is always during the sakura season. It is like the sakuras are blessing the youths on their journey with their presence.

This piece has two main themes. One is nostalgic, while the other is more fun and merry. I think one can try many ways to play this piece.

(Toshio Mashima)