Train Chase from 2e. Suite Symphonique "GR"

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Song Title Train Chase from 2e. Suite Symphonique "GR"
交響組曲第2番「GR」より + 交響組曲第2番「GR」より トレインチェイス
Composer Masamichi Amano 天野正道
Length Approx 6:00 mins + 16:00 mins
Grade N/A
Price S$650 (incl. GST) for 12 months

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This production was reorganized and rearranged as an orchestral piece for a large scale wind instrument composition by the composer himself over a period of seven years from 1992. The original production was for an Original Video Anime called ‘Giant Robot’ which Amano Masamichi was in-charge of the sound track (Original Work: Kouki Yokoyama, Supervision: Yasuhiro Imamura, Producer: Phoenix Entertainment, Bandai Visual, Sale: Amuse Video).

Regarding this series of Symphonic Suite, Amano said “I wanted to make a pure music production which is separated from the video”. This was not taken from the sound track as it is.

In addition, the performers are entrusted to freely reorganize the composition of [No. 2 Symphonic Suite from GR] and [No. 2 Symphonic Suite from GR ‘Train Chase’].

The first performance of [No. 2 Symphonic Suite from GR] was held by Director Toru Asada in the 27th Hamamatsu Symphony Brass Band Concert at Act City Hamamatsu Hall on 7th May 2000.

The [No. 2 Symphonic Suite from GR ‘Train Chase’], a reconstructed edition of wind instrument formation [No. 2 Symphonic Suite from GR], was first premiered as “Train Chase Edition” on 12th August 2001 in the 43rd Saitama Band Competition by Director Masato Sato at Saitama City Cultural Centre.

(Masamichi Amano)