Symphonic Fantastique 5mov. "Songe d'une nuit Sabbat"

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Song Title Symphonic Fantastique 5mov. "Songe d'une nuit Sabbat"
ベルリオーズ : 幻想交響曲より 第5楽章「サバトの夜の夢」
Composer Masamichi Amano 天野正道
Length Approx 10:00 mins
Grade 5
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Berlioz wrote this comment on the score. "A gifted artist in despair because of hopeless love tried to kill himself with opium. However, there was not enough opium to kill him and in his half-conscious state, he started to experience strange things.. Feelings and memories turned into musical notions, his lover became a melody. All these became his idée fixe." This experience allowed Berlioz to create this outstanding score.

The first movement is a pitiful depiction of his idée fixeand it slowly morphs into "Dreams of a Sabbath", the fifth movement. Dreams of a Sabbath is a melody about witches, ringing of bells in hell, Gregorian hymms and requiem of Dies Irae about death, to be played by basson and ophicleide (nowadays replaced by tuba). Berlioz wrote this masterpiece at a tender age of only 27 years old.

(Masamichi Amano)