Morceau par 1er. Suite Symphonique pour l'orchestre de vent

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Song Title Morceau par 1er. Suite Symphonique pour l'orchestre de vent
Composer Masamichi Amano 天野正道
Length Approx 24:00 mins
Grade 5
Price S$540 (incl. GST) for 12 months

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We have extracted part of a musical composition from 1994, reconstructed and rearranged it to suite a large-scale wind instrument formation with a total of five movements.

Usually the sounds of the woodwind instrument grouped in an orchestral music formation echoes greater than the string instrument group who are larger in numbers and positioned in the front of the formation. This is because the woodwind instrument group is placed on top of tiered stand. The arrangement of different instruments in a formation to produce the best sound effectiveness is one very important element. In this production ‘the spatial sound effectiveness based on arrangement of the instruments is put into practice with the wind instrument formation by arranging it differently in comparison to a usual instrument formation.

In other words, Flute 1,2, Oboe 1,2, Solo Clarinet 1,2, Bassoon 1,2 are in solo wind instrument group. During performances it is a specification of the composer to arrange these 8 sections in front of the tiered stand.

In addition, the reconstruction and rearrangement mentioned in the beginning was commissioned by Soka Citizens Brass Band based in Saitama Prefecture. Composer himself directed the first orchestral performance on 10th November 2002.

(Masamichi Amano)