La Forme De Chaque amour change comme le Kaleidoscope

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Song Title La Forme De Chaque amour change comme le Kaleidoscope
アムール・ ションジュ・コム・ル
Composer Masamichi Amano 天野正道
Length Approx 13:00 mins
Grade 4+
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This piece was commissioned by the band master of Soka Gloria Wind Orchestra, Mr Sagawa Seiji and first performed by the same orchestra group at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in 9 Feburary 2003 . The composer had the following comments in the program note of this first performance.

I come from the same hometown as Soka Gloria Wind Orchestra's band master Mr Sagawa. He was the one who inspired me to start doing music and I consider him my benefactor. I think the theme of Mr Sagawa's life can be described as "love" and when he commissioned me to do this piece for him, he wanted it to be about this "love" too. Love for humanity, parental love, love between a man and a woman, perverse sense of love, universal love, etc. Love takes on different form. And all these different forms of love changes like what you see inside a kaleidoscope. This piece describes the different forms of love and its mood changes like that of a kaleidoscope.

Just like in the description above, the mood of this piece takes on multiple changes throughout. There are transformations, as well as total changes, a style that really befits the title which translates to "Love changes form like that of a kaleidoscope".

It is the composer's wish that the title of this piece remains written in the original language and not translated to Japanese (or any other languages) when indicated in program sheets.

(Masamichi Amano)