Yamaha Grade Examination System

Electone Grade 10-6 Course A


Grades 10-8: 15 minutes, Grades 7-6: 20 minutes

Number of Pieces

- Free Selection: Candidates prepare and play two pieces

- Compulsory Piece: Candidates prepare and play one piece from the Compulsory Piece List

  • Note:
  • Repertoire for Free Selection can be taken from Yamaha publications, where the grade level is stated. Pieces of a similar standard are allowed too. Repertoire from the textbooks of Yamaha Music Education System Courses and meet the level of each grade can be included.
  • The above are standard recommendations, but the following are also acceptable;
    • a) Repertoire at a grade level that is different from the examination grade, e.g. Grade 9 repertoire presented at a Grade 10 exam.
    • b) Repertoire from textbook of Yamaha Music Education System Courses, at a grade level higher than the exam grade
  • Candidates may include ONE own composition/arrangement in Free Selection.
  • Pieces with support performance data are not allowed. Use of MDR for playing back a recorded performance and use of XG support are also not acceptable.
  • Candidates are to bring the scores of the Free Selection to the exam. Examiners may use these when giving their comments.
  • Performing from memory is strongly advised, but not compulsory.
  • Candidates are allowed to change the (i) setting of ‘FEET’ (the octave setting of the voice), (ii)assignment of U.K. and L.K. etc., but the overall musicality must be considered carefully.
  • Examiners may request for shortened performances, but this will not impact the evaluation.

Compulsory Piece List since October 2023

  • Note:
  • The scores of Compulsory pieces are provided as PDF files.
  • Candidates are to consider the expression and to set an appropriate registration based on their musical perception. Registration used in the sample may be changed.
  • For grade 10, the pedal may be omitted if candidates cannot reach the pedal keyboard.
  • Effective October 2023, the Compulsory Pieces related to the Electone Study Course will be changed. The following previous Compulsory Pieces will no longer be available for selection after October 2023. However, as a transitional measure, students may use these pieces until September 2024.
    • -Grade 10 “Mickey Mouse March”: Electone Study Course (old edition) Book 4
    • -Grade 10 “Baby Elephant Walk”: Electone Study Course (old edition) Book 4
    • -Grade 9 “Winnie the Pooh”: Electone Study Course (old edition) Book 5
    • -Grade 9 “Brazil”: Electone Study Course (old edition) Book 5
    • -Grade 8 “Circle of Life”: Electone Study Course (old edition) Book 6
    • -Grade 8 “I won’t last a Day without You”: Electone Study Course (old edition) Book 6
    • -Grade 7 “Greensleeves”: Electone Study Course (old edition) Book 7
    • -Grade 7 “Funiculi, Funicula”: Electone Study Course (old edition) Book 7
    • -Grade 6 “Once Upon A Dream”: Electone Study Course (old edition) Book 8
    • -Grade 6 “Farandole (L'arlesienne)”: Electone Study Course (old edition) Book 8

The evaluation will be based on how the performances of the candidate expresses the content of the arrangement.

Candidates are advised to practice until the arrangement can be musically expressed.

- Choose one of the pieces given as PDF Files and make an arrangement for

 Grades 10, 9, 8: one or two choruses.

 Grade 7: two choruses.

 Grade 6: two or more choruses.

- The arrangement should consist of playing the melody with appropriate chords.

- In the second chorus,

 Grades 10, 9: candidates are advised to make some changes in the accompaniment or melody.

 Grades 8, 7: candidates are advised to make some changes in the accompaniment AND melody

 Grade 6: should be a development of the first chorus, for example, change in note patterns, melody variation, use of double notes, change in tone color etc.


1. The candidates are given the melody of their choice. The score is the same as the one found as PDF scores in this syllabus.

2. Candidates play the arrangement.

  • Note:
  • Candidates are allowed to perform using their own scores.
  • Preparation of the registration is necessary.
  • (For Grade 6 only): Candidates should consider the overall structure of their presentation, including elements of climax, ending etc.

PDF Scores and Examples for arrangements: