Vocal Course

Singing is easy and fun but to nurture a unique singing voice of your own requires techniques.

If you’ve always had the passion to sing or aspired to sing that melodic tune you hear, join us at our vocal course and we’ll teach you the essential vocal techniques. It’s time to let your inner diva shine!

Join our vocal course, designed mainly for adults and youths. Master the basic vocal techniques through our syllabus.

Our qualified teachers will guide you through a boisterous musical journey with our wide repertoire of music genres, even if you are a beginner with no prior background in music. But if you have prior experience in vocal training, you are encouraged to join a more advanced level.

In Yamaha, the vocal lessons are conducted one-to-one, allowing greater personal attention and a more flexible pace of learning.

Mesmerize the audience with your unique vocals.

Course Content

  • Fundamentals of tone production and other vocal techniques
  • Posture and breathing control
  • Rhythm training and note reading
  • Exercises in different vowels for vocalisation and pronunciation
  • Proper phrasing
  • Singing songs for application
  • Interpretation on the mood of songs
  • Developing wider singing range and dynamics
  • Wide repertoire of traditional, pop, contemporary and simple jazz music

Vocal Course Details

Target Individuals 12 years of age or older
Course Progression Level 1 (Beginner) to

Level 5 (Advanced)
Lesson Duration 1 hour for individual lessons
Course fee and schedule (for beginner) Go to course schedule page for information
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