Pop Band Course

If you have always wanted to join a band, jam in a band and get exposure in a ‘live’ setting, but, can’t seem to find like-minded individuals for this, then our Pop Band course is for you! The course can connect you with other talented, like-minded musicians who are looking to jam and gig as a band.

This course will include a maximum of 5 participants, namely a drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist. Each member will be trained in their performance areas as a unit, to achieve the desired professional sound of a pop and rock band.

Course Content

  • Performance techniques for attaining the correct professional sound.
  • Band performance mechanics for a more professional sound.
  • Development of repertoires for stage use.
  • Effective practice strategies for competitions and performances.
  • Musicianship training, such as reading simple arrangements, chord progressions and application of key modulation.
  • Individual members of each training band will also be made aware of the different disciplines that make up a band: (1) the understanding of Vocal pitching and interval leaps, (2) Keyboard, Guitar & Bass chord studies and genre playing techniques, (3) Technical Drum control, dynamics, rhythm, and overall band groove.

Pop Band Course Details

Target Individuals 17 years of age or older

Able to play his/her part relatively well
Lesson Duration 1 hour for group lessons
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