Cajon Course

If you're looking for an alternative to the acoustic drum, nothing beats the Cajón. Used unplugged, it adds rhythm and beats to any pop, acoustic duo, rock or folk bands. Simple to complicated drum patterns can be played on a Cajón as it produces a rich snare and bass drum sound.

So what are you waiting for? Join our 6-month cajon course to pick up the hand-playing technique and drum strokes commonly used in grooves and pop-rock fill-in patterns and you'll be playing with your band in no time!

Course Content

  • Basic to intermediate playing techniques
  • Application of rhythm, grooves and fill-ins
  • Songs of different genres, from pop to Latin patterns
  • Basic music theory

Cajon Course Details

Target Individuals 7 years of age or older
Course Progression Level 1
Lesson Duration 1 hour for group lessons
30 minutes for individual lessons
Fees Individual starting from $147.15/month
Group starting from $119.90/month
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See Serena Chen taking the Sela cajon for a test drive