Yamaha Junior Course (Age 4 - 5.5-year-olds)

Full of energy, chatty and inquisitive. These are words associated with four-year-olds. At this age, they absorb things like a sponge and imitate everything they see and hear. Children at this age show a remarkable development in their sense of hearing, which is why it's the best time to cultivate the basic ability to enjoy music.

A Strong Foundation

As a student in the Yamaha Junior Course, your child will be in the foundation course of the entire Yamaha Music Education System.

A Unique Curriculum

Your child will learn the 3 basic elements of music: rhythm, melody, and harmony, through hearing, singing, and playing. Our exclusive curriculum includes these subjects:

Solfege Singing

- Lyric Singing

- Music Appreciation

Keyboard Games

- Repertoire

- Notation


- Rhythm Step

- Harmony Training

Lesson details

Target 4- to 5.5-year-old accompanied by a parent for the 1st & 2nd year
Form of lesson Group lesson of up to 10 children
Duration of course 4 years
Number of lessons 11 lessons per term
Lesson duration 60 minutes
Fees Starting from $441.45/term
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