Jazz Piano Masterclass 2023

Application Information

【Application Condition】
Europe: Rostock University in Germany

【Lesson fee and Lesson time】
・(Local currency) 20,000JPY/ 1 lesson(1.5 hours Group lesson)
*Observation of other student’s lessons is available
・1 lesson between 10:00-11:30 (Singapore) / 11:00-12:30 (Thailand)
*After the audition judgment, the determined lesson time will be announced to the students who pass the audition
*Students outside of Singapore and Thailand will be considered for lesson time

【Scholarship】*for excellent students by the audition
① Subsidies of lesson fee
* The amount of support will be determined after the audition
② Support of air round trip tickets to Singapore or Thailand (Half or full amount)

・Audition: Performing “Birdly-2“composedbyMark Eisenman in two to four choruses.
・Masterclass: Brush up on the improvisation performance based on Birdly-2.

【How to apply】
① Shoot a video of the assignment and post it on YouTube (*post it privately)
② Fill in the YouTube URL and information on the application form and submit to your Yamaha’s representing office.

【How to shoot
・Shoot from the side, so that both hands and feet can be seen in the video
・Shoot in landscape mode if using a smartphone
・Grand pianos are recommended

【Participation Agreement】
Master class on the day will be recorded for promotion and the shot video will be shown on SNS and on the Website. If you pass the audition and decide to participate in the Masterclass, submit an agreement form for permission to publish the video.

- Application Deadline : 14 September 2023
- Audition Result Announcement : End of September 2023 (Details of Masterclass will be announced to students who pass the audition.)
- Disklavier Remote Masterclass : 4th November 2023 (Saturday) Time Slot :TBA

Assignment for Video Audition

Optional: Use IRealPro playalong (audio file or from your computer with a speaker)
Suggestion: Play 2-4 choruses:
1. Play the head for “Birdly 2” PDF
2. Play 2 , or 3 choruses (16 bar forms) of improvisation using LH chords and RH motifs
3. Play the head again

Birdly (play along Irealpro audio)