Antara Vimal and her Mum Ms. Shreya’s Conversation

Meet 5 year old Antara Vimal and her mum Ms. Shreya.

Antara is a 1st year Yamaha Junior Course student at Plaza Singapura branch.

Listen in on a short chat we had with Ms. Shreya


Why did you decide to give Antara music lessons?

Our family loves music and my husband plays Indian drums (tabla). He started learning at the age of 4 and cherishes his musical passion. We had read that an early start to music education helps kids with their comprehension of mathematics and more generally improves cognition. It also creates a lovely community of musicians. We saw our friends' children blossom at Yamaha and knew it was the right starting point. I’m lucky we got in because there is always a wait list.


What led you to choose Yamaha Music School?

The quality of education is well known, and the methodology of teaching is gentle yet consistent.


How has the journey been thus far?

It is quite amazing seeing Antara bloom with the practice of getting her fingers to play left and right hand in unison. Our teacher has so much patience with the class and encourages the students while reminding them to practice.