Testimonial from Student’s Parent – Yuika Nakayama

Yuika Nakayama

Meet 4 year old Yuika Nakayama who attends lessons at Yamaha Clementi. Mrs. Nakayama tells us:

“Yuika, my daughter, started to attend Yamaha lessons in Music Wonderland course at the beginning of this year. The lessons give the opportunities to be introduced to the keyboard, having fun with rhythm exercises, and enjoy storytelling with music.

What surprised me initially is that teacher Chew had remembered the names of all students from the first lesson. At first, Yuika was nervous and very shy. However, even in the group lesson, teacher Chew follows up with each child individually to make sure that they are on the same page. Thanks to the continuous support from teacher Chew, Yuika is more relaxed and enjoys the lessons with smiles lesson by lesson. Thank you teacher Chew!”