Conversation with Mr. Ong – Proud Parent of Jenkin Ong, Junior Age Group 2 Grand Prix Winner of Electone Festival 2022

Congratulations to Jenkin Ong – Grand Prix Winner of Junior Age Group 2 in the Electone Festival 2022.

We spoke to Jenkin Ong and his parent Mr. Ong after the event, and here’s the conversation we had:


Jenkin, besides the Electone, do you play any other music instruments?


I just started learning the clarinet at my school concert band as I like the mellow sound it produces.


Why was the Electone selected as your major instrument?


I chose the Electone as I like the diversity of western and traditional musical instruments that I could use and play with coupled with the different rhythms . Furthermore, the musical instruments are also very close to what the actual instrument sounds like, thus it gives me an idea how it sounds even before seeing the actual instrument physically.


Mr. Ong, which Yamaha courses did Jenkin attend, and what is your opinion of the Yamaha Music Education System?


Jenkin started off from the Music Wonderland and went on to YJC, JSAC & now to SAC. The course is well organised and definitely different from the ones taught elsewhere. The emphasis of Yamaha course, apart from just playing, extends to listening, composing and improvisation, which I found lacking from what we get from normal individual lessons. Furthermore, Yamaha makes it interesting and fun, thus making the kids crave to learn more about music, be self-disciplined and motivated to explore both music and their other work at the same time.