Conversation with Mrs. Ng – Proud Parent of Ng Yun Wen, Junior Age Group 3 Grand Prix Winner of Electone Festival 2022

Congratulations to – Grand Prix Ng Yun Wen - Winner of Junior Age Group 3 in the Electone Festival 2022.

We spoke to Yun Wen and her parent Mrs. Ng after the event, and here’s the conversation we had:


Yun Wen, besides the Electone, do you play any other music instruments?


I have also been playing the piano since I was 6 years old. I completed ABRSM grade 8 with a high distinction at the start of 2021, and am currently studying in the School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA), majoring in the piano.


Why does the Electone play such a major part in your musical journey?


The ability to be a one-person orchestra makes playing the Electone exciting, sometimes even exhilarating!

The Electone offers a wide variety of sounds, ranging from orchestral instruments to synthesiser sounds. Learning to play the Electone has allowed me to gain an in-depth understanding of each of these instruments, their unique timbre and colour, as well as how they work and interact to form an ensemble. This greatly benefits me in my musical study, especially when I am arranging, composing or playing chamber music. In addition, with the Electone, I am able to play and arrange different genres of music. As I am more familiar with western classical music, learning to play the Electone has helped me broaden my horizon and provided me with insights into different genres of music. Coming out of my comfort zone and experimenting with genres I have never worked with before has taught me to explore different approaches when playing and composing music. It is one of my biggest takeaways from learning to play on the Electone.


Mrs. Ng, which Yamaha courses did Yun Wen attend, and what is your opinion of the Yamaha Music Education System?


Yun Wen started on her musical journey attending the JMC (Junior Music Course) at 4 years old. Over the years, she progressed through JXC (Junior Extension Course), JNC (Junior Ensemble Course), ANC (Advanced Ensemble Course), JEC (Junior Electone Course), and is currently doing the YHEC (Yamaha Higher Electone Course). Yun Wen also started learning to play the piano when she attended the Yamaha Piano Course.

We value and recognise the benefits of children learning music together in a group setting. Playing an ensemble piece together as a class does much more than providing companionships and forging strong friendships. It develops children in their social emotional learning, builds resilience of character and teaches them a can-do attitude. The Yamaha syllabus trains children to sing on pitch and recognise notes by hearing, other than playing on the keyboard. Equally important for us, it encourages music improvisations, arrangements and creating.

I was a Yamaha Electone student myself when I was young. Music formed a big part of my life growing up. I learnt to appreciate and enjoy music, beyond a means to regulate my emotions and express myself. I hope Yun Wen will also reap these benefits in life.