Testimonial from Student’s Parent – Emma Lee


School: Thomson Yamaha

Course: JXC (Junior Extension Course)

The Junior Course program offered by Yamaha Music School is comprehensive and well-paced for young learners. My daughter Emma enjoys each and every lesson ever since she started when she was 5 years old. The program has developed her hearing ability and strong interest in music. The group lesson environment has provided the opportunity for her teacher to foster an intimate relationship with the class. The students learn from each other as well and develop collaborative bond with the music. Emma’s teacher ensures that the students understand the discipline required to reach requisite standards, and at the same time do not forget to encourage and build on their passion and interest for music. I have seen this discipline, focus and passion in Emma, and it has permeated other aspects of her life as well. This holistic experience from Yamaha has far exceeded my expectations and I would gladly recommend this program to anyone wishes to not just learn, but experience music