Testimonial from student's parents - Keira Lee

Keira Lee

Mrs. Lee, Mum of Keira Lee shares with us:

I enrolled my daughter Keira for the Yamaha Junior Course program at Thomson Plaza, once she turned 4. I was motivated to do so because I have seen the impact of the music program on her 2 older siblings.

Both children have acquired an excellent sense of pitch and the foundation course accelerated their musical progress exceeding my expectations.

My son Keith (now 17) attained Violin ABRSM Grade 8 (Distinction) at age 13. He also achieved Grade 3 in piano at age 8 before switching to the violin. My daughter Kate (now 15) attained Piano Grade 8 (Merit) at age 11.

Their pitch has also improved other aspects of social life. They sing well in informal social occasions with their friends.

I highly recommend the Yamaha Junior Course program, it is an excellent music program for young children.