Testimonial from student’s parents – Zee Ching

Zee Ching

Zee Ching:

“I started music lessons since I was 5 and a half years old. Yamaha Music Education System has allowed me to express myself through the music that I play. From zero knowledge, I started learning Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti….. and I fell in love with music! Through Yamaha’s curriculum, I have learnt harmonizing, improvising and composing songs that I love. I feel that joining the Special Advanced Course has allowed me to push my limits and I have grown tremendously. Thank you Mr. Rido and Yamaha Music School”.

1. What is parents' opinion of the Yamaha Music Education System?

The organized structure produces all rounded musicianship, developing my children’s creativity and love of music. Parents like us without any music background, we really feel thankful to Yamaha’s music courses, not only are our 3 girls learning, we also learn how to play and enjoy all the singing in the class!

2. Parents opinion of the Electone?

Electone is a great instrument to allow Zee Ching to create her own music with the sound and the rhythm of her choice. Zee Ching loves Electone the most among all her instruments. We enjoy seeing the movement of the whole body when she plays on Electone. We are amazed by her ability to coordinate her hands and legs. Lively and lovely!

3. How has she grown in her music learning?

With her teacher’s guidance and her own efforts, we are so proud to witness her growth in music. We enjoy watching her perform on stage confidently, and seeing how she collaborates and makes music with her music buddies, the Fearless Ten during the circuit breaker. We also enjoy watching her compose her own music and seeing her enjoy music. Thank you Yamaha!