Testimonial from student’s parents - Adam Sim

Adam Sim

19 year-old Adam Sim tells us that the pleasures of learning music grew on him after starting lessons at Yamaha. He has enjoyed the learning journey and has found it a suitable way for him to express his creativity. As his lessons are on the Electone, the added satisfaction stems from being able to mix and match the colourful sounds on the remarkable Electone. This brings much joy to Adam, a student of the Yamaha Higher Electone Course at Plaza Singapura Yamaha School.

Mr. and Mrs. Sim shares their thoughts with us as well:

1. We found Yamaha Music Education System very systematic with good teaching methods from basic to advance stages.

2. Group lessons as well as individual lessons gave Adam a complete learning environment, and his understanding of music grew with more exposure.

3. Electone provides a fun and interesting way of learning music as it can produce various combinations of instrumental sounds.

4. Adam has built up his confidence level significantly, as he has performed on the stage many times.