Testimonial from student’s parents - Thaddeus Goh

Thaddeus Goh

6 year old Thaddeus Goh is a student attending Yamaha Junior Course at Thomson School.

Mummy shares her thoughts with us: about the Yamaha Junior Course, and the impact on Thaddeus.

1. Yamaha Junior Course has been my number 1 choice for children aged 4. This is the period where their sense of hearing, pitch, and fine motor skills are developing rapidly. I have seen how the program benefited my older child who obtained a grade 8 distinction at age 10. The kids gain confidence as they learn how to play an instrument, with hand-eye coordination and listening skills improving tremendously too.

2. Musically, Thaddeus has grown so much. He has good pitch and can play back tunes that he had heard. I have noticed when he is at play, he will be humming a tune. When asked what song it was, he would smile and say, 'it is my own composition'. It is evident that he loves music, finds it engaging and is disciplined to practise without prompting.

3. Setting aside time and commitment has been rewarding - it has promoted bonding, and the immeasurable joy and benefits reaped will impact his adulthood.