Testimonial from student’s parents - Ng Jay En

Ng Jay En

Let’s meet 13 year old Ng Jay En, 3rd year Advanced Ensemble Course student at Yamaha Plaza Singapura. Here’s what she shared with us about learning music at Yamaha.

I have been learning music in YAMAHA for 9 years and I have grown to value the beauty of music through playing pieces from many different genres such as classical, jazz, country music, etc. With the good foundation achieved through the YAMAHA lessons, I am able to pick up other instruments easily as the fundamental skills of music were deeply rooted. This has enabled me to enjoy the unique colours from different music instruments.

Yamaha lessons include training on hearing and improvisation which are not easy skills to acquire but can be nurtured over a period of time. A few challenges I faced were with reading of scores and inability to keep steady tempo. However, I am making consistent progress.

Over the years, I noticed I have improved not only in my abilities of listening to melody, harmony, but also in my resilience and perseverance in overcoming the challenges. Through the help of my patient and caring teachers and classmates, I am happy to be able to do what I can today.

Thank you!