Testimonial from student’s parents - Zachary Lye

Zachary Lye

Meet 6 year old Zachary, YJC third year student at Yamaha Music School Thomson Branch. Daddy Mr. Lye shared with us his opinion of Yamaha’s music education program, and the impact on Zachary.

1. As somebody who also attended JMC more than 30 years ago, I think the course is extremely important for building good music foundations. Although they primarily use the keyboard, these basics will also be applicable to any instrument he chooses to pick up in the future.

2. Zachary really enjoys making music, whether it is playing/singing his favourite songs, or trying to compose something. He is exposed to all genres of music, from classical to pop, alternative rock and even metal and industrial - we believe that doing so gives him a varied enough musical palette from which to create and mimic from.