Testimonial from student’s parents - Megan and Nnvan Chen

Megan and Nnvan Chen

My two children have embarked on their music journey with Yamaha since kindergarten. It was a decision I made for them as I have heard how the course has benefited many people. True enough, it was a decision well-made and I have never regretted.

This course not only nurtures the child's love of music early, but also emphasis on developing his sense of hearing which is critically important at young age. My children find the lessons fun and entertaining. They share the joy of making music and playing with their peers. With dedicated teachers like Ms Daphne Teo and Ms Angie Ng, the lessons have been all engaging and lively. There was never a boring time. It helps when the teacher progresses with the child as they advance in their years of pursuit.

Megan, at 12 now, is second year into the Advance Ensemble Course. Though schoolwork is heavy, she still finds music an enjoyment and looks forward to her weekly lesson. Nnvan, at 10, has put on hold his music course after completing Junior Music Course. But the foundation he has built in the early years enables him to continue exploring and even trying new songs on his own. Hopefully when he continues, he is able to further develop his love for music.

Thanks to Yamaha Music School for developing such an enriching music course.

From Parents of

Megan and Nnvan Chen