Junior Original Concert

What is ‘Junior Original Concert-JOC’?

The Junior Original Concert (JOC) features Yamaha Music School students aged 15 and younger from around the world performing their own original compositions. Founded in 1972 on this philosophy, JOC activities have spread to over 40 countries around the world.

JOC is the realization of Yamaha Music School's educational philosophy, “To foster the musical sensitivity that everyone is born with, to develop the ability to enjoy creating and playing music of their own and ultimately share the joy of music with anyone”. Also, JOC is being continuously developed as an activity to realize the infinite potential of children and promote their growth.

JOC celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your support and enthusiasm during the last 50 years. We will continue to conduct JOC to inspire and encourage the next generation of children as they lead by expressing their individuality through music that transcends  national boundaries.

JOC 50 Years of History


The first JOC (Nemu-no-sato, Mie, Japan)


First JOC performances outside Japan

(Former West Germany, Mexico)


The first UNICEF Charity Original Concert (NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan)


The first International Junior Original Concert at the United Nations General Assembly in New York


Composition for women's gymnastics floor exercise and synchronized swimming (duet) at the Los Angeles Olympics


JOC celebrates its 100th overseas performance at the United Nations General Assembly in New York and on a concert tour of Mexico

Japanese TV program "Original Concert - The Music We Created" begins


JOC 20th Anniversary International Junior Original Concert

The first Asia Oceania JOC (Singapore)


20th Anniversary UNICEF Charity Original Concert


UNICEF 50th Anniversary Concert at UN Headquarters in New York


JOC 30th Anniversary International JOC (Nemu-no-sato, Mie, Japan)

JOC 30th Anniversary Concert (Bunkyo Civic Hall, Tokyo, Japan)


Genichi Kawakami Memorial Concert (Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan)


First Yamaha Gala Concert

(Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan)


Asia Oceania JOC was renamed Asia Pacific JOC and held regularly


The first European JOC (Italy)


JOC Selection begins


YouTube "Yamaha JOC Channel" launched


JOC 50th Anniversary Concert

(The Symphony Hall, Osaka)

JOC 50th Anniversary Concert

A concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of JOC was held in Japan.

The concert showcased 12 students' learning results from JOC activities.

Also, looking back at the history of the past, the concert featured performances by alumni and former students.


November 23, Tuesday, 2021


Osaka, Japan


- 9 performances from 2019-2020 JOC participataed pieces

- 3 performances that participated from over the world

- JOC 50th anniversary piece which was first performanced in this concert

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