Teo Boon Chye



Teo Boon Chye has been Yamaha’s Wind Artiste and endorser of Yamaha Saxophones since 2005.

In the early years of his music career, he was seen as the saxophone instructor of the Singapore Armed Forces Band and Singapore Police Band.

Throughout the years of his professional music experience, he has played alongside some of the most notable artistes such as Sandy Lam, Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung, Chyi Yu, Wang Jie, Hacken Lee and Ho Yeow Sun.

He was also the lead saxophonist with Singapore’s favourite pop/rock group “Jive Talking,” having played full time with them for 14 years before leaving and venturing out as a free-lance live and studio recording musician.

His studio recording work includes both pop and jazz music and he has recorded with artistes such as Sandy Lam, Tracy Huang, Fong Fei Fei, Stephanie Sun, Ho Yeow Sun, Jacky Cheung, Wen Zhang, Stella Chang, Eric Moo and more.

Boon Chye is a highly respected saxophonist in the Singapore music scene and has participated in several music festivals including the Singapore Blues Festival, MOSAIC Music Festivel and the Singapore International Jazz Festival.

Currently, he is the resident saxophonist for East Street Groove – an amazing band with extremely talented and passionate veterans in the local music scene.