Jimmy Lee


Born in Singapore and educated in drumming at New York Drummer’s Collective, Jimmy Lee has been playing drums since age 17. Jimmy is an endorsee of Yamaha Drum. His talent and professionalism has made him one of the most respected, prolific and experienced live and studio session drummers in the region. As a much sought after sessionist, he has performed and recorded with international stars, including Kenny Bee, Jeff Chang, A-Mei, Aaron Kwok, Wynners, Sally Yeh, George Lam, Stephanie Sun, Eric Moo, Dick Lee, Gigi Leong, Teresa Teng, Lobo, Alex To, Jacky Cheung and many other artistes. His self-authored Drums Textbooks are widely adopted by music schools in the region as their syllabus material in their own Drums course.


Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple

-Toms: 10”, 12”, 14” & 16”

-Snare Drum: 14”

-Bass Drum: 22”