Teaching Positions

Then why not join us!

When you have a special talent, there’s nothing more rewarding than passing it on.

At Yamaha, that’s what we exist for. That’s the reason why we are the premier music company in Singapore. We strive, not only for higher music literacy across the nation, but also to promote a love for all kinds of music across all ages.

We offer a wide variety of music courses across the spectrum of musical styles and instruments. As our courses are always in demand, we need teachers that can deliver them with professionalism, patience and passion – teachers that enjoy the pleasure that music can bring and want to share that joy with beginners and advanced players alike. And, it’s more rewarding than you think!

As a Yamaha music teacher to get to …

Do what you love!

It’s often said that if you love what you do for a living, it’s not really work. And that’s how you’ll feel as a Yamaha music teacher. You’ll get to spend all day doing what you have a passion for – playing music. And even better, you get to teach many more students to do the same. We are sure you’ll agree with us that there is no better gift than the gift of music.

Have more free time to yourself!

While most of your family and friends are stuck in the nine to six, you get to be able to manage your time around what you want to do and have better work/life balance as a result. Most of our lessons are at the weekends, so we’ll need you then. But during the week days, you’ll have more time for you.

Earn and learn!

At Yamaha, we support the value of lifelong learning and are committed to making sure our teachers continue to develop their skills in teaching. As one of our music teachers, you’ll get to attend training seminars designed to make you more effective in passing on your love of your instrument to others who want to learn.

So if teaching music sounds like your calling, simply select the relevant link below to find out if you have what it takes to be a Yamaha music teacher.

Teaching Positions

  • Piano/Electone/Classical Guitar teachers
  • Pop music teachers
    • (i) Drum Instructors
    • (ii) Electric & Acoustic Guitar Instructors
    • (iii) Violinists