Yamaha Music Club Membership

Be a Yamaha Music Club Member today! You can now sign-up at our retail stores or register at Yamaha Online Shop to become our Yamaha Music Club member instantly!

Membership Requirements:

  • Open to all individuals who are at least 13 years old
  • No membership fees
  • 2 years membership

Members’ Privileges:

  • 5% discount on selected Musical Instruments and Pro-Audio products at any Yamaha Music (Asia) retail store in Singapore and at Yamaha Online Shop.
  • Invitation to product launches, concerts, and events, subject to availability of space and your preferences.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Yamaha shall grant privileges to each holder of a valid Yamaha Music Club Membership subject to and on the terms and conditions and rules and regulations set.
  2. The membership is issued by and remains the property of Yamaha Music (Asia) Private Limited.
  3. An applicant must be an individual and at least 13 years old at the time application.
  4. No corporate person may apply for membership in the Yamaha Music Club program.
  5. Membership is recommended to be applied via Yamaha Online Shop. All is required to join the membership is to register a Yamaha Online Shop account. Validation of Singapore issued identity documents (Partial NRIC / Partial FIN Number with Date of Birth) is required during the online registration process. Successful applicant will receive an email confirmation with a Membership ID provided. Alternatively, you may wish to complete the membership application form personally at our retail outlets.
  6. Yamaha may reject any application that is incomplete or revoke any applicant’s membership.
  7. Membership is valid for 2 years. Members shall renew their membership online at Yamaha Online Shop or at any Yamaha retail outlet.
  8. None of the membership, the privileges attaching thereto, and privileges arising from the program is transferrable. No person other than the person whose name appears on the membership may use it to enjoy the privileges attached thereto.
  9. Yamaha Music may decline to issue a new Membership Card or withdraw any existing Membership Card at any time.
  10. Each program member shall notify Yamaha Music when his/her Membership Card is lost, stolen, or when there is any change in personal particulars. If this is not done, Yamaha Music will not be accountable for any consequences and any loss of benefits or privileges.
  11. An administrative charge of $10 is payable for replacement of the Membership Card in the event of loss or theft.
  12. All terms and conditions of sale of Yamaha will apply to all purchases made by the member.
  13. A member who wishes to withdraw from the program shall inform Yamaha Music immediately.
  14. The member must present his/her Membership Card or proof of identity to the cashier before payment to enjoy the privileges attaching thereto.
  15. Online members must validate their membership to enjoy member’s privileges at Yamaha Online Shop. To make an online purchase for the first time, members must create an online account with user defined User ID and Password.
  16. Yamaha will use the details you provide to administer your membership.
  17. From time to time, Yamaha Music would also like to keep you informed by post, telephone or email about the other Yamaha products and services that may be of interest to you.
  18. If you have any questions about Yamaha’s use of information or you wish to let us know about changes to your personal details held by us, or if at any time you wish to stop receiving marketing information from Yamaha, please notify us by submitting an inquiry form found at sg.yamaha.com.
  19. Yamaha reserves the right to alter and amend any of the Terms and Conditions or to terminate the program any time without any prior notice.