ELS-01C typeU


STAGEA Custom Model. Designed with advanced functions and rich expressive capabilities, the STAGEA lets you perform the way you want. This is the Electone everyone has longed for.

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

  • 415 richly textured, 4-layer AWM Voices, 94 VA Voices and Organ Flutes Voices
  • 274 rhythm patterns with high quality percussion Voices
  • 300 wide variety of registration menu
  • High Quality Digital Effects with 15 categories/ 183 variations
  • 6.5-inch large TFT color display with intuitive Touch Panel Operation
  • FSV keyboard for HORIZONTAL touch as well as Initial and After touch
  • 2nd Expression pedal for controlling Pitch Bend and Rhythm Tempo.


Richly textured, 4-layer AWM Voices

A huge amount of exceptionally high-quality Voices – 415 altogether – created with the AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation system. The authentic touch response keyboard lets you play these Voices with all expressiveness and control of an actual ac...

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8/2/2011 [Music Education]
Yamaha Electone Festival 2011

Experience the splendour of Electone music as talented musicians gather once again for the Yamaha Electone Festival 2011....

7/11/2010 [Events]
Let's Party ! Hiroshi Kubota LIVE On Yamaha Electone Stagea

Let's Party ! Hiroshi Kubota LIVE On Yamaha Electone Stagea on 13 November 2010, Saturday, 7.30pm, Powerhouse @ St James Power Station

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